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Character Application


>> Below are the applications for both Professors and Students. Make sure you to fill out all in the information on your application of choice. If it does not apply to you please put 'not applicable' so that we know you saw it and didn't miss over it.
>> At the start of the RP you may apply for two characters, one male one female. Your main character needs to reflect you and be in your sorted house at HIH. Secondary characters may be from any house. This does not apply to Professors! A professor may have been a student in the house of your choosing and will not upset the balance of your male and female characters. In other words, if you would like to play a female professor and a female student to begin the game, you may.
>> You may earn more characters as the game goes on depending on how active you are in the RP. The more you play, the more you can earn, up to 10. Though you will still need to fill out an application and get the character approved before playing them.
>> To have a character be a prefect/head boy&girl or quidditch team member/quidditch captain you will need to fill out a second appliction after your character has been approved.
>> All characters need to be approved before you can join in and play them. If your application is short you'll be asked to elaborate before being approved. If your character is not approved you will be given the reasons why it wasn't.
>> Please post this in your journal or your rp journal and link us to the post. THE POST NEEDS TO BE PUBLIC SO THAT WE CAN SEE IT WITHOUT HAVING TO FRIEND YOUR JOURNAL!!!



Please use the following form when submitting your character application.

If you have questions about anything please ask!!!
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